Step 1

Preliminary assessment & project timeline

We’ll discuss your immediate needs, long-term objectives and general office space expectations to define your ideal facility and lease requirements. We then work with you to establish a customized transaction timeline that tracks critical lease dates, establishes inflection points for major decisions and ensures that milestones are achieved in a timely fashion.

Step 2

Market survey

We simply dig deeper than our competition to cultivate the most relevant, unbiased, and comprehensive review of space to meet your company’s needs. Our market survey contains all relevant factual information, as well as vetted information regarding building operating expenses, so that all opportunities—both on- and off-market—can easily be compared on an “apples to apples” basis.

Step 3

Financial analysis

Every unique circumstance warrants a unique financial analysis. We customize each analysis to highlight decision factors that matter most to the client, and we account for all components recurring and capital expense.

Step 4

Property selection

Data from our market survey reports are compared to your assessment requirements to narrow the number of properties down for consideration. We’ll lead tours and conduct interviews with appropriate landlords on your behalf. This process will produce a short list of properties for your in-depth consideration.

Step 5

Due diligence

Prior to executing a lease, each short listed property is reviewed for compatibility to your firm’s need. This many times involves test fitting office space, programming your manufacturing/warehouse requirements, and studying access to suppliers, customers and employees.

Step 6

Final selection

A review of the matrix and analysis should produce a first-place contender worth pursuing. We’ll then prepare a letter of Intent for that property that sets forth the business points to be reflected in a lease agreement. At the same time, we will maintain contact with one or two other properties you designated as alternatives.

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